Braces and Orthodontic treatment

Spirit of Excellence Dental practice provides both fixed and removable orthodontic treatments. Fixed orthodontic treatment is usually faster in aligning teeth and jaws, and will usually provide better outcome. After straightening your teeth, a retainer is needed so that the teeth do not relapse (go back wonky again). This can usually be a fixed wire retainer hidden away unseen behind the teeth, or a removable retainer which entails compliance in wearing the retainer.

Fastbraces® straight teeth

Fastbraces® is an innovative comprehensive fixed orthodontic treatment that straightens teeth in a short time, most treatments will usually be completed within 3 months to 1 year. In almost all cases no extraction of teeth are required.

You have the option of tooth coloured wire and clear brackets.


Come in now for a consultation with our Fastbraces® trained practitioner. Dr Omoluyi Aimienwanu is an approved provider proud to work with Fastbraces® to give you that ability to smile you have always wanted.


It is also good to get a second opinion especially if you have been prescribed extraction based orthodontic braces treatment.


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In-Line clear removable braces

In-Line orthodontic treatment involves the use of clear removable aligners to straighten the front teeth.


The aligners are almost invisible so do not usually intrude on your lifestyle but should not be in the mouth when eating or drinking - nothing is going to stand between your gnashers and that delicious delight in front of you!


Come in now for a consultation with our In-Line orthodontics trained practitioner.


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