Services and Treatments

These are some of the services we provide. For other enquires with regards dental care and advice please contact us. A consultation appointment may be required to carry out an examination and asses requirements so as to provide a tailored care plan.


Family and General dentistry

Spirit of Excellence provides treatment for the whole family. It is an all inclusive practice, and operates a non-discriminatory policy. Families are especially welcome. All aspects of general dental care are provided.

  • Examination and Advice: We use modern diagnostic aids, including intra-oral camera to involve patients in their own care. Advice and treatment planning are done with full involvement of the patient and tailored to that individual.

  • Hygiene treatment and maintenance

  • Tooth coloured fillings

  • Inlays and onlays

  • Veneers

  • Crowns

  • Bridges

  • Children dentistry: Children are treated with care and gentleness.


Tooth coloured fillings are direct restorations, as they are placed directly into or on the tooth. Fillings are restorations which are usually incorporated into a tooth’s structure to make up defects, gaps and cavities. Some may however be placed on surfaces like on roots which have been exposed from gum recession and are causing sensitivity or look unsightly. We provide tooth coloured fillings.


Inlays, Onlays, Veneers, Crowns and Bridges are restorations usually made in a laboratory and then fitted into or onto a previously prepared tooth, and in some cases fitted onto an implant. They are thus indirect restorations as they are not placed directly into or on the tooth but have to undergo fabrication outside the mouth before be placed into the prepared aspect of the tooth they were made for. They are made from various materials usually composite (like plastic material), porcelain, and metals.


Like fillings inlays are incorporated into a prepared cavity within the tooth and are ideal where moisture and body fluid control may be difficult making it difficult to achieve a good direct restoration.


Onlays have parts of the restoration over the outer surface of the tooth with some parts slotting into a cavity prepared into the tooth; if part of the tooth had fractured away the onlay will be used to make up the fractured area while also making up any cavity inside the tooth.


Veneers are sheets of restoration glued onto the lip and cheek sides of teeth, and are usually done for the visible teeth – liken this to gluing an artificial fingernail onto the natural fingernail to change the appearance.


Crowns are restorations placed over most or the entire tooth crown (the part of a tooth above the gums that is visible in the mouth), they cover over the tooth so can be used to also change a tooth’s shape or colour.


Bridges are non-removable restorations used to replace a missing tooth. A bridge usually consists parts which are permanently cemented to teeth (and sometimes implants) and these retainer parts are fused to, and carry, the artificial tooth replacement in the space of the missing tooth.

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Root canal treatment

This involves the removal of the pulp tissue in a tooth. Some reasons could be due to the pulp being dead, the pulp causing frequent and constant pain and aggravation, the pulp being exposed due to significant fracture of the tooth exposing the pulp. A restoration is placed after the procedure.

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Cosmetic dentistry

Materials used to provide cosmetic treatments are safe for most people. We use only approved materials and techniques meeting statutory standards and regulations.

  • Botox: This involves the injection of Botulinum toxin to temporarily paralyse some of the facial muscles which squeeze facial tissues when they are contracting, so causing wrinkles. It irons out wrinkles for some months and rejuvenates the aging face. The effect can last 3 to 6 months after which a new application will be required. The reversibility of its effect means there is less possibility of permanent facial disfigurement and it is not as tasking or complicated as many other cosmetic treatments for the face.

  • Dermal fillers and Collagen: These are injected to reduce or smooth out facial creases. Only non-permanent dermal fillers are used at Spirit of Excellence, the effects are reversible with time and can always be topped up.

  • Teeth whitening: Special gels are used to make teeth whiter. Whitening is the actual change of the colour of the tooth structure itself so sometimes referred to as bleaching of the teeth, and is different from removing stains and debris and adhesions like plaque and calculus done when you have scaling done by a dental professional which is sometimes referred to as “cleaning”. Teeth whitening can be likened to when you put bleach on a coloured cloth and the colour comes of leaving it white (a colour change), while scaling can be likened to only washing off any mud or dirt or stains on the cloth with the cloth now clean and its colour retained.

  • Tooth coloured restorations: - fillings, inlays & onlays, veneers, crowns, bridges: Various types of restorations are provided using different materials tailored to the individual.

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Periodontal (“Gum disease”) treatments

Dentists use the term “Gum disease” to describe disease to the gums, underlying bone, and tissues surrounding a tooth. The actual clinical term for this is Periodontal disease, and it is present in a lot of people to various extents – could be isolated to one or a few teeth to being extensive to almost all teeth, it could vary from just gingiva inflammation to bone and underlying tissue destruction which results in mobility and early loss of the affected tooth or teeth. Plaque, which is a destructive material produced by germs in the mouth, is a major factor in periodontal disease in addition to lifestyle factors like poor or inadequate oral hygiene and smoking. However, there are people who may be more predisposed to having problems with periodontal disease due to genetic factors. Smoking cessation, implementing good oral hygiene habits, and regular visits to a dental practitioner are important measures in tackling and managing periodontal disease, and referral to a specialist (Periodontist) will be required in some cases.

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Orthodontic treatment

This involves the straightening of teeth and treatment is provided for various reasons like wrong bite positions, inadequate jaw and/ or facial size, crookedness of teeth, missing or unerupted teeth, etc. It is often referred to as having braces and will improve how the person looks and smiles, improve how the person chews, and also makes cleaning around the teeth easier.

Spirit of Excellence provides orthodontic consultation and treatment with clear braces, fixed or removable. These are mainly used to correct the arrangement of teeth in the most visible part of the mouth to achieve good looks and a beautiful smile.


Complex orthodontic cases that need jaw surgery are referred to the hospital.

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A tooth consist of two anatomic parts – the part above the gums that is visible to the eye which is called the crown, and the part below the gum which is not usually seen but anchors the tooth into the jaw bone that is covered by the gums and this is the root. When teeth are lost it is possible to put a metal screw in the bone in the position of the missing tooth, the metal thus acting to replace the root of the lost tooth, and an appliance like a crown or bridge to replace the missing tooth or teeth is then fabricated and attached to the implant. Implant retained crowns and bridges are fixed in the mouth i.e. non-removable. Implants can also be used to stabilise and support dentures by anchoring the denture to the implant.

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Facial aesthetic and anti-wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers, lip fillers

You can improve and enhance your look and take years off your look by smoothing out face wrinkles and Crow's Eyes wrinkles, increasing the volume of tissues and lips with dermal and lip fillers, and changing your soft tissues profile. The Spirit of Excellence Dental Practice provides facial aesthetic and dermal filler treatment through experienced dental professionals. These facial and dermal treatments can be further enhanced with Cosmetic Dentistry.

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Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth. They can be made from various materials and combination of materials – acrylic (like plastic), metal, porcelain.

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Bite appliances, Mouth guards and Sports guards

Bite raising appliances are useful for many people who have some types of jaw problems, and habits like grinding and clenching of their teeth especially while asleep. An assessment involving history taking, examination and investigation, is required to help determine causation and treatment options.

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Nervous patients

Spirit of Excellence aims to make patients’ and visitors’ experience pleasant and relaxing. The environment is calm and peaceful, and staff are friendly, well-trained, and experienced in dealing with nervous and anxious patients.


Treatment under sedation is available.

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Emergency and out of hours dental care

Patients in need of emergency and urgent dental care can contact the practice on the practice numbers provided on this website. Arrangements will be made to see any one in need as soon as possible even if out of the regular opening hours of the practice.

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Domiciliary visit

Patient’s can be seen in their own homes if within 10 miles of the practice. Certain conditions have to be met like the presence of a third party during dental visits, and it is important to know that treatments that can be provided are limited because many facilities available at the practice are not available in patient’s homes.

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