Fastbraces® is an innovative comprehensive fixed orthodontic treatment that straightens teeth in a short time, most treatments will usually be completed within 3 months to 1 year. In almost all cases no extraction of teeth are required.


You have the option of tooth coloured wire and clear brackets rather than the traditional metal brackets and wires.


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It is also good to get a second opinion especially if you have been prescribed extraction based orthodontic braces treatment.

The Fastbraces® Difference - Old Style Traditional Braces versus New Technology Fastbraces®



Fastbraces® has been in use for Over 20 Years, but is a more recent innovative technology using triangular brackets to make full teeth (crowns and roots simultaneous) movement simpler and quicker, such that comprehensive orthodontic treatment takes usually 3months to 1year because roots movement is immediate. Old style traditional fixed braces orthodontic treatment uses square brackets in 2 stages ( having the complexity of aligning the crowns of the teeth first before then aligning the roots), so comprehensive orthodontic treatment will typically last 1.5 to 3years  because roots movement is delayed even in teenagers who tend to have softer bones than adults. Root alignment is very key to teeth maintaining the position they have now taken following straightening with braces.


Fastbraces® generally preserves the natural bite, treatment is almost always on a non-extraction basis using one wire which reduces cost. Traditional braces often changes the natural bite, often needs extraction of teeth even when these are very healthy and sound, with a need for multiple wires for the different stages of teeth alignment which in addition to the longer length of treatment period increases cost. More practitioner expenditure on materials and more time spent to treat you will be costed by a practitioner and this cost is passed to you, the patient. You would also have spent more of your time for visits in having the treatment and travelling to the practitioner.

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