Treatment lite offers and Current Promotions!

Teeth Whitening offers

 - Power whitening £650 (usually £750)

Standard Private Fees




Examination                                                       £35


Study models & aids e.g. pics                          £120

Small x-ray (each)                                              £10



Examination (check-up)                                    £20*

* Children up to 15 years old may have examination free when accompanied by a fee paying adult at the same day's booked appointments. Maximum of 2 children per each fee paying adult on the day.



Simple extraction

Deciduous tooth                                               £40

Incisor                                                                 £90

Canine                                                                £100

Premolar                                                            £100

First Molar or Second Molar                           £105


Difficult extraction

(very broken tooth/ root, adverse root shape)

Non-third molar                                  from     £110

Upper third molar                              from     £130

Lower third molar                              from     £140

Lower third molar (surgical)               from      £250


Other extraction procedures

Dry socket treatment                                      £60

Suturing                                                            £60

Suture removal                                                £35


Braces/ Orthodontic treatment

Fixed braces

Add £500 per jaw if you prefer white/ clear fixed braces.

The prices here are for standard metal.

*Extra £250 fee per session/ visit applies for treatment lasting longer than 6 months.

One jaw                                                from   £1500

Both jaws                                             from   £3000


Clear removable braces

Depends on the number of aligners (trays) required per jaw

One jaw/ arch                                      from   £2700

Both jaws                                             from   £3200

Orthodontic retainers

Removable - per jaw                          from    £130

Fixed - per jaw                                    from     £195

Repairs to fixed retainer - per jaw   from     £60

Remove fixed retainer - per jaw                    £60

Root Canal Treatment – includes x-rays

There is an additional £100 fee to the listed fees for the redo of a previous root canal treatment.

Incisor or Canine                                             £300

Premolar                                                           £350

First molar                                                        £370

Second molar                                                  £400

Third molar - where feasible                           £500

Extirpate pulp/ Open pulp chamber - urgent care

Incisors, Canines, Premolars                        £155

Molars                                                              £195




Partial - 1 to 3 teeth                                        £400

Partial - 4 to 9 teeth                                        £450

Partial - 10 or more                                         £500

Full upper OR lower                                        £520

Full upper AND lower                                      £950



Partial - 1 to 3 teeth                                        £650

Partial - 4 to 9 teeth                                        £700

Partial - 10 or more teeth                              £750

Full upper OR lower                                        £750

Other types of materials

To be advised                                                  to be advised



Denture reline per jaw                                   £120

Denture addition each                                   £60

Denture repair from                                       £80

Teeth whitening

Home application                                          £300

In-surgery whitening - Philips Zoom!        £450

Using Philips Zoom! LED light

Power whitening home + in surgery                   £700

Extra gel syringe (each)                                £30

Teeth whitening tray - per jaw                     £130


Hygiene and Periodontal treatment        

There is an extra £20 fee if local anaesthetic is requested or required for hygiene treatment.

Simple hygiene - usually up to 25 mins appt                  £60

Complex hygiene: New patient (per visit - 45 mins)  £85

Complex hygiene: Old patient (per visit - 45 mins)    £80

Periodontal/ “Gum” disease              from              £480


Fillings only tooth coloured provided

Deciduous tooth                                               £40

One surface                                                       £95

Two surfaces                                                    £140

Three or more surfaces                                  £170

Temporary filling                                              £60

Fissure sealant                                                  £40


Inlay, Veneer

Tooth coloured

Composite bonding - chairside                     £200

Composite veneer - laboratory made           £300

Porcelain veneer                                              £550

All metal

Non-precious - usually golden colour             £550

Precious metal                                                  £680


Other - Inlay or Veneer

Temporary inlay or veneer                             £350

Recement inlay or veneer                               £60


Crown, Bridge unit

Please note that if not specified, then tooth coloured Bonded porcelain non-precious Crown or Bridge restoration is provided as standard

​​Tooth coloured

Bonded porcelain - non-precious                     £550

Bonded porcelain - precious metal  from        £725

Full porcelain   from                                           £695

All metal (for Crowns only)

Non-precious metal - usually golden colour  £550

Precious metal from                                         £725

Other - crown and bridge

Temporary crown or per bridge unit             £350

Recement crown                                               £60

Recement bridge                                               £80


Anterior (front) tooth                        from      £2650

Molar tooth - less visible                  from      £2500

Other procedures e.g. bone graft    to be advised


Intravenous - per session                 from      £310

Inhalation - per session     not currently provided

Mouthguard/Appliance                               £130

Also applies for bite appliance and each teeth whitening tray.





per area of application                                   £250


Dermal filler - dependent on the brand or manufacturer that is chosen

per 1.0 ml application                          from £260

per 2.0 ml application                          from £450



Prescription - written                                      £10

Prescription - given:  fee depends on which medication is given

Stoning/ smoothing                                       £25

Sensitive dentine/ root                                  £25

(fluoride application)

Urgent treatment                                           £60


Any other treatment  

To be discussed                                    To be advised